• The Grumpy Shell is spacious on the inside.Spacious Interior It easily accomodates two full grown men without any problem.
  • Weighing in at 75 pounds, the shell is easily loaded and unloaded onto a pickup.
  • Its stable design fits snugly around the wheel well in the truck bed meaning you don't have to spend an hour bolting and unbolting your shell everytime you want to move it.
  • Less time loading and unloading = more time fishing.

Complete Enclosure



Grumpy Shells sets a very high standard in the industry with this new “portable rigid shell” design.  Ice fishing suddenly becomes a lot more comfortable and a LOT MORE FUN.  Now you can relax in cozy warm comfort and fish for hours, visit for hours, drink brewskies for hours and have a good time without freezing.

Let’s face it… some things like fishing just take time.  You don’t set the schedule for when a fish is going to bite… the fish do.  And if it is freezing cold outside… which it has to be… that’s why they call it “ice fishing”… and if it’s blowing a nasty cold wind… which happens a lot… it would be a lot more fun to relax in comfort than to endure the weather. 

Fishing should be fun… but freezing takes a lot of the fun away.  Visiting should be fun… but you should be able to talk about other things besides how cold your frozen assets are.  Drinking brewskies should be fun… and brewskies are supposed to be cold.  But that doesn’t mean you have to be.  With the new design from Grumpy all these things are now possible in cozy warm comfort.

OK, how do we do it?  Answer:  Good design and aircraft style quality.  By using a vinyl ester tooling resin instead of the cheaper orthophthalic resins a stronger, lighter, warmer, more comfortable design becomes possible.  The rest is basically extreme attention to important production details.  Nobody else in the industry does that… only Grumpy.

 It doesn’t take a genius to see that it’s easy to lift our shell onto a truck bed.  Watch the loading demo.  The Grumpy design means you just throw the shell on the truck, grab your tackle, your bait, your lucky fishing hat and JUST GO.  Have a good time.  Even if it’s freeeeeeeezing cold outside you can relax and be toasty warm. 

Now that’s what “ice” fishing really should be.  Comfortable. Oh yea.  Don’t forget a good supply of your favorite brewskies… tall cold ones.